TRED30 - 7


Temperature Recorder with 30 day summary display and remote probe

All standard temperature recording applications where an external probe is beneficial and where recorded data needs to be accessed without a PC.
Product Summary

The LogTag® TRED30-7 Temperature Recorder measures and stores up to 7770 temperature readings over -40°C to +99°C measurement range from a remote temperature probe.

Statistical temperature and duration readings for up to 30 days can be reviewed on the display.

The visual display of current temperature and previous alarms is an important feature in "static" applications such as cool rooms and refrigerators. The display arrangement is designed to show 'at a glance' if temperature violations have occurred during the current day and up to the previous 29 days. The display also shows the current temperature reading, the current time, recording status and battery status.

Details of any excursions can be checked directly by inspecting the statistics history on the recorder's display or in more detail by downloading the logged data via a standard LogTag® Interface cradle to LogTag® Analyzer.

If a reading outside the pre-set "Alarm" limits is recorded at any time, a "day alarm indicator" appears on the display.



 Add 3-Point Calibration Cert + €30.00

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